Cornerstone Carpentry can help you with all of your building needs, whether it's a new home, repairs, remodeling, an addition or just replacing a door or window.

Framing - Finish Carpentry - Hardwood Flooring - Tile - Decks and much more!

Budgets and Estimates: How much will it cost? The relationship between the client and contractor/builder is often great at the start but less so as the estimated cost is swallowed up by changes and add-ons. Establishing a budget is a key component to a successful project. Your contractor should be your partner in the project and not your opponent. At Cornerstone Carpentry our goal is to successfully complete your project within your budget.

So, how do you arrive at the budget? An estimate will help you get an idea of the cost and scope of the project or maybe you have a predetermined amount that you want to allocate to the project. Estimates are just that, an estimate, a ballpark figure, the greater the detail the more accurate it will be. Many times estimates are a tool to help refine the scope of the project, maybe the dream addition needs to be a few feet shorter or maybe you'll be able to have the granite countertops in your kitchen remodel.

Be realistic when considering your budget, make sure the purpose or "need" of your project is taken care of first and then add the "wants" to the project. Try to establish a reserve amount in your budget, there are times when the unexpected arises, discovering unseen termite damage, a vein of rock where your basement is supposed to be excavated or perhaps everything goes fine and you are able to upgrade your carpet to hardwood flooring or tile the kitchen and bath!

Our Proposals: As many clients wish to bid out projects, we like to point out that we make great efforts to thoroughly consider the entire anticipated scope of work involved in each project. In developing the budget and covering all the work likely to be required, we are able to minimize the potential for change orders through out the project. This helps keep the project on budget and yes, even under budget. While this approach initially can give the appearance that we are priced higher than our competitors, we believe that our clients have fewer surprises in the course of the project and are therefore more satisfied with the end result. We believe this approach, in part, contributes to establishing a good working relationship with our clients and to our many repeat clients.

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